Boot camp for Nordic Youth Workers (May 2017)

In May 2017, I was invited to give a lecture in Stockholm at a conference within the project Boot camp for Nordic Youth Workers. The project is run by an Icelandic organisation, FFF, with Fritidsforum, Föreningen Norden and Finnish Setlementtiliitto as partners. The project deals with the validation of youth workers but above all with the validation of the informal learning of young people. This is how the project is summarized:

“The project Boot camp for Nordic Youth Workers was born in an Erasmus+ project in June 2015 where FFF and Fritidsforum met members from Setlementti and introduced their organizations and projects. What the organizations learned like so often before was how similar Nordic youth work is mostly built around similar principals and is facing similar problems. An idea was born to bring together experienced youth workers and researchers to create some common solutions which could be implemented in all of the Nordic countries to increase quality and synchronize methods to validate youth work. The goal of the project was to get experienced youth workers, organizations and researchers to gather best practices, knowledge and experience to create a basic training for youth workers, a validation tool for informal learning and a book that gathers the ideology behind the training, the methods and information about the validation tool.”

Programme: “Mikael Stigendal from Malmö Högskola will have a presentation about his research concerning success factors in Youth/Community work. This research should be connected to our idea to point out key competences for persons doing Youth/Community work.” My presentation (in English), building on my work in the EU-project Citispyce, can be downloaded here.

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