Kravallerna i Storbritannien

Jag har precis läst en artikel av Seumas Milne i the Guardian om kravallerna. I nedanstående citat sammanfattar han vad det handlar om:

It was triggered by the police killing a young black man in a country where
black people are 26 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police than their
white counterparts. The riot that exploded in Tottenham in response at the weekend
took place in an area with the highest unemployment in London, whose youth clubs
have been closed to meet a 75% cut in its youth services budget.
It then erupted across what is now by some measures the most unequal city in the
developed world, where the wealth of the richest 10% has risen to 273 times that of the
poorest, drawing in young people who have had their educational maintenance
allowance axed just as official youth unemployment has reached a record high and
university places are being cut back under the weight of a tripling of tuition fees.

Den som vill läsa hela artikeln hittar den här:

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